One of the fundamental aspects of my job as a historian is the transmission of my scholarship to my students and the general public. For each person and each student I encounter I seek to encourage a love of history that provides a solid foundation for making informed decision and critical thinking.

University of St. Thomas (Saint Paul, MN)

United States in Global Perspective Beginnings to 1865 (HIST 113) Fall 2020; Spring 2021 Adjunct Faculty

United States in Global Perspective from 1865 to the Present (HIST 114) Fall 2019; Spring 2020; Summer 2020 Adjunct Faculty

Metropolitan State University (Saint Paul, MN)

American Indian History (HIST 310) Spring 2020; Spring 2021 Community Faculty

History of the Environmental Movement since 1900 (HIST 333) Fall 2019 Community Faculty

The American Presidents (HIST 313) Spring 2019 Community Faculty

American Empire: U.S. Foreign Relations Since 1898 (HIST 337) Fall 2018 Community Faculty

University of Minnesota, Morris (Morris, MN)

History of the American West (HIST 2451) Spring 2018 Teaching Post-Doc Fellow

Introduction to Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS 1101) Fall 2017 Teaching Post-Doc Fellow

Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI)

Native Americans in North America since 1830 (HST 379) Spring 2016, Spring 2015 Class Instructor

United States History to 1876 [online course] (HST 202) Summer 2015, Summer 2014 Online Teaching Assistant

United States History to 1876 (HST 202) Fall 2014 Teaching Assistant

United States and the World 1898-2001 (IAH 201) Spring 2013, Fall 2012 Teaching Assistant

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